Meet Our Team

[Founder and CEO, IPAF]

Shyam Pandey

INTERNATIONAL PERFORMING ART FESTIVAL (IPAF) has set out to exhibit, protect, nurture and promote the royal, majestic, dynamic and magnificent culture of India’s performing arts so that it stays vibrant and is passed down to the younger generation as a model in the international arena that stands as a keen spectator of our rich historical past.

We have paved the way for an innovative, practical and sustainable approach to promote cultural exchanges within and around the country, to ensure that art transcends culture and artists are paid their long awaited due.
Arts gives society its identity and I have taken it upon myself to safeguard this identity beyond territorial bounds so that this honest reflection of human existence never fades.
My Endeavour through IPAF Is to create platform across countries giving artists maximum possible opportunities to showcase their talents, prosper and get the recognition they deserve.